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Friday, May 21, 2010

I Saw This at Walgreens..

I walked into a Walgreens this evening to see red velvet cake sold at the counter. While this was not appealing, it reminded me that I have not posted this picture yet!


  1. This looks SOOOO much better than anything at Walgreen's! The thought of red velvet cake sitting on the counter next to those old, dusty roses made from feathers is not an appealing thought. Or perhaps the cake was sitting next to the fingernail clipper display? Ugh.

  2. Carol- hahahaha!!! It looked as if it had been there for a while...a LONG while. Walgreens= bakery? I think NOT! :)

  3. Anyone who buys that cake and attempts to eat it should be on the Fear Factor!

  4. Haha! Who knows how long it has been there!