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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Argh! SICK!

I HATE being sick. I have the worst cold/ stomach ache in the whole wide world! I am so sick I cannot even work on my minis! I've missed the last two days of work (my real job as a teacher) and I cannot even bring myself to work on my clay :(

I love being a teacher but getting sick comes with the job!

What do you do when you're sick to make yourself feel better?


  1. Awww... feel better, dear. :)

    I lay in bed and watch tv. Sleeping also helps heal the body.

  2. You are so kind! That's exactly what I am doing! I can't to get back to creating!

  3. I hope you will get better soon! I am new visitor here and I must say that your blog is very nice place to be a guest:)))

  4. Alienora- Thank you SO very very much for your well wishes! Welcome to my little blog! I am so glad you stopped by and commented! Yay! :) :) :)