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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Giveaway Details

Ok, so 1 person actually abided by the rules (refer 2 friends, comment on my blog) , but everyone else said such nice things about my work, so here is what I am going to do...

The one person who did refer to friends, LadySaotome you win the tiny cake!!! YAYYY!!! I will contact you separately so I can find out where to send your free cake!

Everyone else, if you commented on my blog since the giveaway, YOU ARE IN THE RUNNING FOR A DIFFERENT GIVEAWAY ITEM! I am not near my camera right now, so I can't pick the winner (I want to take pictures like I said I would so you know I am not playing favorites with anyone!) but tonight, I will let you know who wins!

Thank you all for your amazingly, beautiful and kind comments about my minis. You all inspire me to create! Thank you!!!!


  1. Woohoo!! *jumps up and down* I can't believe I won something! :D Thank you!

  2. Allie,I love your work!Miniregards,Sonia.

  3. Eeee, thank you both so much LadySaotome and Tink Sonia!!! Lady- we will be in touch!

  4. Actually, Lady can I have your email please? Thank you!

  5. Sure thing! kawaii.katers [at] gmail.com!

  6. congrats, LadySaotome!

    Ah, i missed my chance for the giveaway -__-

  7. Enhorabuena a la ganadora!!!
    Otra vez sera, pero primero tendre que aprender idiomas para no meter la pata jejeje
    Allie, enhrabuena a ti tambien!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. Oh how exiting!
    And: congratulations Lady Saotome!! I'm pretty sure you will enjoy your giveaway (Allie just makes the most beautiful miniatures).

  9. Sorry I didn't post sooner - lots of medical issues in the family recently - but I got the cake! Thank you, it's adorable! My 6-year-old wants to acquisition it for her Barbies - lol!